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Map of Hatboro PA Website Design in Hatboro PAWhether you are in Hatboro PA, Doylestown PA or Southampton PA – Create Website Service is local website design agency and always here to assist you. We design professional and modern websites for local businesses. We make sure your website shows up on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Create Website Service delivers outstanding digital marketing, offers online traffic boost and increase in leads and sales for your business. Professional website design is essential now days for many businesses. In order to attract a client or customer it is important to have outstanding website design. Many people judge a company by the appearance of their front page. And many other people don’t even click below the first 5 top search results on Google. This is why it is important to have professionally designed website. Google Search Engine uses advanced algorithms to decide whether specific page should show up for this searched keyword. Create Website Service offers professional, unique and stunning website design for local businesses in the area of Philadelphia PA, Doylestown PA, Allentown PA, Hatboro PA and Wyncote PA. We provide outstanding, responsive, professional and one of a kind website designs for all industries. It is one-stop-shop with us where you can get started with your website design and continue promoting your business with us through our professional digital marketing services.

Responsive Website Design in Hatboro PA

SEO Marketing ServicesResponsive website design could become an important issue for website owner or business owner if your website appears to look bad on mobile devices. It is important to have responsive website for all websites that plan to get better results with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google wants every website to be responsive. If your designed website looks great on iPhone, iPad, Smart TV and all Smart Phones then you have a big plus in one of the 1000 requirements from Google Search Engine to rank your website and display it for many keywords that are closely associated with your business, service and products that you sell. Responsive website design is no longer an option, it is a requirement by Google. Therefore sooner or later other search engines will catch up to Google. Currently other search engines have lower standards, weaker algorithms and less complicated requirements in order to display your website on their top search results. However Google is number one most visited website on entire internet. This is why it is essential to have responsive website for your business.

Mobile Website Design for Businesses in Hatboro Pennsylvania

Google officially announced that it is important to have a mobile friendly website. More and more online search results are initiated on Google and Yahoo through new digital devices such as iPhone, iPad, Androids, Smart TVs and many other new devices that coming out every year. Therefore Google wants to display only the best websites at the top 10 on the first page of Search Results. This is exactly why it is essential to have Responsive and Mobile friendly website. When a visitor comes to your site – they want to contact you, find directions to your store or office, they want to read about your company and services that you provide. Therefore it is important to make sure that your website looks great in all mobile devices. Whether it is a portrait view of your website or landscape view of your website – it has to look professional, respond to the screen size and therefore simplify work for your visitors.

Simplicity and User-Friendly Navigation

average session duration professional website design and seo in hatboro paIt is important to keep your website simple, user-friendly and to get your point across to all of your website visitors. This is why it takes a combination of professional web development and expertise in web design as well as content management in order to get the best results for your website appearance and Search Engine Optimization. One of the most important things to develop and design for your website is to simplify navigation. In other words it is very important to make sure your online visitors can find what they looking for on your website. Therefore it is always recommended to have most important information included on the front page of your website such as phone number, paragraph about your business, paragraph about your services, address of your office or store and obviously user-friendly and responsive set of pages which would be professionally organized and categorized in your menu section. Create Website Service always provides outstanding, professional and user-friendly layout of any website design for all businesses. We carefully examine how to set up your pages, categories and posts in order to make it easier your online audience to reach their answers about your company. We implement videos on your pages, we add your address and phone number on main page of your website and most importantly we add responsive “instant call” button that appears on mobile devices. This unique instant call button allows a website visitor to make instant phone call to your company within 1 click. They don’t have to search for your phone number and struggle by copying it – all they have to do is simply press the button and you will receive instant phone call that will bring you new customer, lead or sale. This is why simple things like instant call button is very important for websites. Most website designers don’t even think about implementing such useful and amazing features for their customers. However here at Create Website Service we know exactly what your audience is looking for! We know how to simplify their experience on your website and how to attract them to become your long term clients. We implement multiple strategies in order to generate the highest ration of call to action on your designed website. This is why we are so successful at what we do. With our highest level of professionalism, attention to details and by examining your business we can guarantee you successful website design for your company.

YouTube Video on Your Home Page

create website service website design implementing youtube video in website designOne of the most important things that Google wants today from website owners is to generate longer “Avg. Session Duration” called Average Session Duration. Session means that one of your website visitors made an action on your page. Action could include some of the following: sign up, subscription, staying on the same page and scrolling up and down while reading your content, watching videos or simply chatting with some of your agents from Live Chat that would be implemented within your website. Google wants to have at least 45 second to 2 and half minute long Average Session Duration by every visitor that comes to your website. Average Session Duration is one of the most reviewed and one of the most important parts of Google Search Engine algorithm to indicate whether your website is valuable, interesting, helpful or simply miss-representation of information. If someone visits your website and leaves within 5-15 seconds – Google might consider it spam-like website, broken website, not interesting, boring and not useful. Therefore over time your website will vanish from Google Search results. But question is… how do we make our visitors stay longer on each page and generate higher Average Session Duration? The answer is simple! It requires a combination of 3 things: great content + pretty images + interesting YouTube video! Simple YouTube video that is 1 minute long could instantly improve your Average Session Duration on your website. People love watching videos. Whether you are genius anthropologist or simply local donuts shop owner – you want to have at least 1-2 minute long YouTube video implemented on your main page of your website or in the best case – multiple interesting videos on every page of your website. This way you will improve your Avg. Session Duration on every page of your website which would significantly improve your chances at showing up on Google Search Results for more keywords. Here at Create Website Service we offer professional video creation, whether it is live video shooting or simple animated video about services – we can design, edit and improve your video, upload it to YouTube and implement it on your website. This process will significantly improve your website appearance, bring more people to your website (since you will have links from YouTube pointing to your site), increase your Average Session Duration and therefore improve you Search Engine Ranking with Google. This is why it is important to hire professional website designers like us at Create Website Service. We offer best value at the best price in your local area. We come out and meet you in person to discuss all opportunities for generating outstanding online traffic for your website.

Live Chat with Web Design Service

Here we highly recommend to install fast and responsive live chat for your designed website. Live Chat can significantly boost your Average Session Duration, convert your website visitors into potential buyers, help your audience to navigate easier through your website, generate instant sales, answer important questions about your services and therefore increase reputation for your website and company. Live Chat is a luxury, premium and one of the best features any website owner can implement with us at affordable price. We make sure to go over with you from bottom to the top about all the benefits of Live Chat on your website. Your Live Chat will allow your sales-people to chat with your website visitors and to convert them into buyers. If nobody is present at the time during initiated chat – it goes instantly to your email address as submitted request, question or message with person’s name and email. Every time someone attempts to start a chat with sales person – it prompts them to enter their name and email. Therefore it would improve your marketing strategy, allow you to collect valuable emails, promote your business even after-hours and increase your database of leads and potential buyers. Create Website Service offers professional and responsive website design! Give us a call today at 888-700-3118 to discuss your potential of generating leads and sales from website visitors by simply allowing us to design you professional, responsive, user-friendly website that would include outstanding and interesting YouTube videos, professional and fast Live Chat box and many other unique features that Create Website Service offers for many business owners in your local area, Nationwide and Worldwide. We offer outstanding marketing strategies that can boost your online exposure, promote your business, improve your online appearance and generate leads and buyers from simple website visitors.

About Our Website Design in Hatboro Pennsylvania Area

We noticed how many business in our local area of Hatboro Pennsylvania need professional website design. Many local stores, shops and restaurant have outdated, old and HTML based, not responsive, bad looking website layout. We would love to come out to you and make your website stand out from entire crowd. Whether you are near by or further away from Hatboro PA and Southampton PA. We are always here in the area of Philadelphia PA and Hatboro PA to come out in person, visit you on the same day, discuss all important aspects of your business and come up with outstanding website design for your business. Create Website Service offers instant support, best digital marketing service in Hatboro PA, Doylestown PA, Southampton PA and Philadelphia PA. We value our customers and therefore unlike many local designers that do poor quality website designs, we are committed to what we do, we bring to you all of our knowledge and expertise with over 10 years of professional and successful website design experience, dedicated technical support, advanced marketing strategies and professional appearance for your website and company.


About Create Website Service

Create Website Service offers professional website design, SEO marketing, SEM marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, email marketing, app design, app development, social media marketing. Call us at 888-700-3118 to get your free consultation, free quote and request more information.

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