15 Best Marketing Tips and Tricks to Attract Buyers and Website Visitors

1. Increase font size

Because of small font, you can lose a lot of customers. It’s unlikely that anyone will want to strain their eyes to see what is written on the screen. It is best to use a font size of 14 pixels. This trick concerns not only blogs, landing pages and advertising posts. These changes should be made in all the texts that your customers are ever reading. Not even an exception are e-mails.

2. Use landing pages

Use the full landing pages: to offer some freebie to customers and to get leads so that you do not miss this customer afterwards. For more effective work with landing pages, you will need a tool like Optimize Press.

3. Focus on the “cap” of the site

Actively using the top part of the website, you will achieve that the visitor will gather all the necessary and important information without resorting to scrolling the page. Today, most people lose the ability to concentrate on one thing for a long time, so you must be sure that all the information in this place of the page is provided in an attractive enough and seductive way to get a person to read every word.

4. Write attractively

Visitors should receive information briefly and concisely; unnecessary information will not contribute to the transformation of the visitor into a client. Successful in this sense is the technique of using attractive headlines that guide the visitor and evoke in him the desire to know what will follow the title.

5. Always offer a “freebie”

In most cases, bloggers offer a free e-book. This is not always appropriate, because you want to make money. Therefore, you should write a brief summary of the book or give some excerpts of that valuable information that is contained in it and give it to the readers for free. But only on the condition that they subscribe to your e-mail newsletter.

6. Get rid of the requirement to fill the name field in the form of feedback

When you offer a “freebie”, you ask in exchange to tell you the client’s name and email address. But if you do not set the name field, and offer only an email address, you may be shocked to see that your transitions will increase by more than 20%. This is due to natural laziness and folk wisdom “the less, the better.”

7. Change the action button

The type and name of the registration button can be changed. If there is a boring registration button on your site called “Registration” or even “Sign Up”, then only you are giving up many potential incomes. Submission of the registration button in a more attractive form can give you more conversions. Ideas: “Instant access”, “Instant download” or “Admission free”. Try each one and see which one works best for you.

8. The less the better

This concept is applied every time you try to force someone to perform an action. Consider landing pages. If your visitors see a captcha box, the “I agree with the terms or the zip window, it’s obvious that the client will leave the site. Remove these boxes from the page. The fewer opportunities for doubt you provide, the more actions you will receive.

9. Affiliate links: hide or not?

There are two kinds of clients: those who know about affiliate programs for the exchange of links and those that do not suspect about them. If you masquerade your links, then more than 70% of visitors from those who know about it, and do not click on them. So it’s better not to hide, let everyone know that these are affiliate links.

10. Introduce yourself

The law of marketing is that you as a salesperson must introduce themselves to customers, so that they know who they are dealing with and trust you and your product. Nobody wants to buy from random strangers, whom they accidentally stumbled on the Internet. A good solution is to place on your page the “About Us / About the Company” block or on your sidebar of your photo in a good mood.

11. Use your own experience

This technique is not absolutely necessary, but it is recommended if you want to increase the conversion of visitors to customers. If you offer a product (product) that you yourself have not experienced, and if your customers know about it, this may cause some of them to flatly refuse to buy it. It’s best to check everything, or at least something, before recommending it to others.

12. Use feedback

Reviews play an important role in sales, as they create social proof of the need to make a purchase. If the customer sees that no one else has bought a product from you, he can turn to other, more famous sellers. On the other hand, too many reviews – this is also a mistake that occurs quite often. All you need is quality, not quantity. If the story about you and your product was shown in the news of the national channel or something like that, make sure that your customers also learned about it.

And one more thing: for each individual review include a photo of the person who wrote the review. Ideally, it is desirable that in the picture the customer was removed along with your product. Another tip: at the end of the feedback column, write a short message that says something like: “As soon as you test this product, we will post your feedback here!”

13. Speak with “human” language

With the clients of the site it is better to speak in an individual manner, as if you were talking to your friends. This is the key to the hearts of your readers, and this will cause them to return to you again and again in a natural way. Wherever you address directly to the buyer, on sales pages or in e-mails, talk as if talking with friends. This not only strengthens your relationships with potential customers, but also increases the reliability and brand recognition.

14. Use visualization

We all heard the old saying that the picture is worth a thousand words. This idea also applies to the moments when you promote affiliate products. It is necessary that your customers feel comfortable on your site. Therefore, the design of your blog as well as the images that you use to decorate your product, are important.

15. The buyer, first of all

Everything that you do – help the buyers make decisions, first of all for them, and the last for your benefit. That’s why with any advertising campaigns or the release of a new product there is a good rule – create a list of benefits and benefits for the client. That’s all, nothing more. Remember, people read your blog just because they want to find the solutions they need. In other words, do not rush for a profit. Be patient and it will pay off.