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8 Steps for Marketing Start Up

8 Steps for Marketing Start Up

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8 Steps for Marketing Start Up1) Set Up Google Adwords for Google Search Results to Bring More Visitors, Subscribers and Callers to your site and business.
2) Set up PPC advertising with Facebook and create an Event “New Year Holiday on your Social Media Business Page”
3) Set Up Yahoo/Bing PPC marketing, same as Google Adwords, Pay Per Click price is lower by $2 on all keywords – but works on Yahoo and Bing only.
4) Purchase Search Engine Visibility from www.Lakshmi.Hosting this helps to submit your website to all search engines. It is an Organic SEO process but would highly benefit your company in the long run for as low as $2.65/mo.
5) Blogging – at least 1 post a week would help your website rank on Google and Yahoo better. This can be included in marketing plan for additional cost. Every blog post has to be not less than 300 characters and include professionally set up Meta Keywords, Meta Title and Meta Description to allow Google Spiders to Crawl your blog posts and display them on search results. Every post must include location in order to optimize website for local area. Location Meta Tags is a must in every post.
6) Craigslist Events Section is an excellent place to add your upcoming events. However it might become very hard for most business owners. Craigslist allows only 2 ads per each Craigslist account. Luckily there are ways to bypass all obstacles and post ads on Craigslist in many categories such as Business Ads, Events, Small Business Ads and others.
7) Mass-Emailing is a great way to promote your event. Email your subscribers every week
8) SSL certificate would be important for marketing because your website would rank higher on Google. Therefore your website will be displayed on Google through Organic SEO and there will be no Pay Per Click need in a future if your website shows up instantly, through Organic SEO. Website Ranking by Google usually takes a lot of SEO work and process might consume over 6-12 month.


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