CMA Commercial Dishmachine

Why You Should Buy CMA Dishmachine UC65E High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher from Ridgway Industries


Ridgway Industries, Inc. makes it easy to Buy CMA Dishmachine UC65E High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher. We provide financing options for our customers in Pennsylvania and nearby states. We also offer free installation service. With us, you can afford a dishwasher for your budding diner, café or bar. You can also trust us for replacing an old dish machine in your establishment. There are different kinds of commercial dish machines out there. In our shop alone, you can find high-temp and low-temp ones. We also sell upright dish machines. We also have undercounter dishwasher like the UC65E model. Our UC65E dishwasher has one of the most straightforward designs. You and your staff will find it easy to operate. Its outer surfaces are easy to clean as well. For more thorough cleanup, you can refer to our staff for monthly and quarterly maintenance. It’s suitable for small establishments, too. However, big restaurants and diners can still use it for speedy cleanup of plates and utensils. With a rate of up to 30 dish racks per hour, it’s certainly one of the quickest machines you can get. Visit our shop to see more details about our machine. You can also call us at +1-800-479-9548 to Buy CMA Dishmachine UC65E High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher.


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