Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing In Action. Connect Your Website with All Social Media Accounts to advertise online your business, service or brand. We offer exclusive features to our clients when it comes to Social Media Advertising. Expand your Social Media Fan Base within few weeks and get huge exposure online for your business. One of our most amazing website development features includes WordPress Social Media Platform. This feature will make your WordPress Website posting your recent website updates, posts, pages and promotions to all social media accounts. We offer you to set up a blog with weekly posts on your WordPress where you can post coupons, updates, promotions and news that will go viral all over the Social Media Network.Social Media Buttons: Like Buttons and Share Buttons! Another Social Media Feature we offer is to set up Social Media Buttons at the top, bottom or side of your website. Our web developers will be able to set up multiple variations, designs and capabilities of your Social Media Buttons. One of them is to offer your website visitors to like your main Facebook Page, Follow your Main Twitter Account and become a fan of your other Social Media Accounts. Second feature we offer to set up additional set of Social Media Buttons where your website visitors will be able to share your current page on their Social Media Account with their friends and family. In the long run this feature will bring you amazing results and profitable online advertisement for no extra cost.

Recent Facebook Posts Website Design

Allow your visitors to see your recent posts on Facebook once they are on your website. Let your website visitors to see preview of your recent Facebook Posts, Twitter Posts, Instagram Photos and YouTube Videos. This feature is excellent way to attract your website visitors to become your Social Media Fan. Your website will display recent posts, updates or comments posted by Your Social Media Fans.Visitor Sign Up and Sign In through Facebook Account. Website Users Log-In to Your Website with Their Facebook or Twitter Account. A lot of online users don’t like to go through long process of registering new account on every website they go to. This option will allow you to let your website users simply log-in with their existing Social Media Account and proceed with authorized options that you will allow them to have such as: leaving comments, reviews, access to private pages, posts or coupons. Once someone logs in to your website through Facebook or twitter account, our 3rd party system will provide you with some of the users details such as: first and last name, social media account link, and few additional statistics.